The Bakers’ 2004

Monday, December 13th, 2004

Ah, the holidays are upon us again, which for most people inspires the question: what have the Bakers been up to? January started out as it does every year for Laurie and me: with a full-length re-enactment of the final three episodes of ‘Who’s the Boss’ in front of our close family and other WTB enthusiasts. It’s quite a challenge for just the two of us to morph into so many characters, and still do justice to Tony Danza and Judith Light. Maybe one of these years we’ll nail it!

In late February, with winter melting away, Laurie was reminded that her glass of ice that she left on the kitchen counter earlier that day was also melting away. We have an automatic ice maker, though, so it was no big deal. That’s what I kept trying to tell her, anyway, but she was still pretty shaken up. The reality is that I was pretty hacked off that she let it happen, but I’m trying to stay positive.

Summertime was soon upon us and Laurie was eager to try out a few new recipes. Many of you may remember from our previous Year in Review letters that our family has a meal schedule, and that schedule includes Campbell’s Chunky Soup at least one night per week. Laurie pretty much insisted in April that we start eating meatloaf instead of Chunky Soup because we’re a ‘family’ now.  She got really offended when I criticized it, but as I see it, that’s her problem. She’s the one who insists that we always be totally honest with each other – “no more secrets”, in her words – after my weekend trip to Jamaica with the guys in March where I lost a couple thousand bucks and came home with some weird rash on my thighs. Well, so be it then. I was honest when she asked me how it tasted, and if she was going to get bent out of shape because I used the words ‘dog vomit’, then maybe she just needs toughen up.

In October we prepared for several weeks to be ready for Daylight Savings Time. I designed several drills for Alex and Emily so that they’d be ready for the big day. Each Saturday night at 2 AM I’d rouse the kids from bed and we’d turn the clocks back before going back to sleep. When the big day came, it was evident that all of the hard work paid off. All of the clocks in our house and cars were set back successfully, and the Bakers were able to sit back and laugh at the losers in our neighborhood who were hurrying out of their houses on Sunday morning with no hope of making it to church on time.

Sometime before Thanksgiving Alex expressed an interest in poetry, so Laurie and I spent a lot of time reviewing his work. Laurie thinks he’s some kind of prodigy, but I’ve read some of the sonnets that he’s so proud of, and frankly I think they’re crap. The meter is all wrong, and he goes a little overboard with excessive use of alliteration.  I guess some of the haikus that he’s written are okay, but come on, we’re talking about seventeen syllables. Emily could probably crank a few of those out if she wanted to.

Now it’s December and time again for Laurie to hone her Katherine Helmond impression so that she can be a convincing Mona for our upcoming WTB performance. Where does the time go?


Merry Christmas to You and Yours from Us and Ours!!!