The Bakers’ 2002

Friday, December 13th, 2002

What a busy year for the Bakers!  As 2001 came to a close, we had no idea how hectic the new year would be.  It didn’t take long for the reality to sink in though – on January 1, 2002, we lost our check book and spent almost the whole day looking for it.  Talk about a rude awakening!  I spent most of the morning looking in the rooms, while Laurie focused on the basement.  In the afternoon I searched the cars and the coat pockets, while Laurie hit the laundry area.  Finally, that evening, we found it under a couch cushion.  Whew!

Things didn’t slow down much in February.  We had pretty much two dry-cleaning loads each WEEK for some reason.  Laurie thought it was maybe because there was a lot of dust in the air.  I thought it was because the dry cleaners just generally do a crappy job these days so you have to keep coming back.  We argued back and forth for about two weeks, but I’m not sure if either of us won.

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but Laurie and I are so busy that we don’t have time to make anything like lamb anymore.  We spent most of the Spring putting together a meal schedule since our time is so tight.  I think we came up with a pretty good one.  Mondays are usually pasta.  Tuesdays we do soup – I like Campbell’s Chunky.  Wednesdays are meat night, but no chicken!  Thursdays are pasta again – you’d think that we were Italians or something!  Fridays we usually have leftovers – if there aren’t enough leftovers then I usually have more soup.  Saturdays we grill out burgers or steaks, except for when it’s too cold, then we maybe order a pizza or Chinese.  On Sundays it’s anybody’s guess, so it still seems like we never have any free time – STRESS!  This meal plan probably saved us at least a few hours a week in meal decisions, however, so it was well worth it!

The busy pace kept up throughout the summer, as Laurie got the oil changed in the Explorer and also had the brakes checked.  That same month she had to buy new floor mats.  Cars sure do take a lot of time.  Who knew?  I meanwhile spent a lot of time on the yard, mowing it once a week.  I also watered it a couple of times over the summer, so it seems like Laurie and I hardly even saw each other, let alone other people.

Fiscal responsibilities weighed heavily on us in September, as we struggled to decide whether to renew our subscription to the daily paper.  We had been told many times that every marriage will be tested by challenges such as this, but we weren’t ready for the emotional strain that it brought.  Most of September and October were spent in counseling, and in the end we decided not to renew the subscription, although sometimes we ask our neighbor to let us read their paper when they’re done.

Alex turned a year old sometime in late fall.

Now we’re already well into December and I can’t find the checkbook again!  Where does all this time go?  Laurie and I are looking forward to what is hopefully a calmer 2003 – hope yours is too!  Merry Christmas!